Studio Synthesis │MONTENEGRO


Studio Synthesis │MONTENEGRO


Dr. Sonja Radović Jelovac completed her undergraduate studies in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade ((1998). She won a scholarship for Master's studies at the UniversityLa Sapienzain Rome at the Faculty of Architecture Ludovico Quaroni, where she received her master's degree from the Department of "Planning, arrangement and requalification of urban areas of developing countries" (2005).

She is the winner of an international scholarship for doctoral studies University La Sapienza” in Rome where she received her doctorate with the thesis "Projective" resilinece assessment for water sensitive adaptive urban design" and obtained the title of Doctor Europaeus.. (2015)

Mies van der Rohe Award – nomination for the Tourist Villa "The TWO", Tivat (2020) 


She is engaged in research in the field of resilient urban design and systems ecology. He applies the transdisciplinary approach through research projects at the Scientific Institute “Panarchy11 – Research for Resilinece” and the studio Studio Synthesis, where she is the founder and leading architect since 2007.

As a curator for Montenegro at the 16. Venice Biennale in of Architecture 2018.  she conceived the theme

„Emerging resilience. Reimagining voids through sharing values“. (2019)

She is the Commissioner for Montenegro of the 4th Balkan Architectural Biennale, BAB 2019.

She was hired as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica on the subject of Urban Design (2014-2016) and at the University of Trento in Italy (2018) as well as a consultant at the Master's Studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade (2020/21)

She is the co-editor of the award-winning monograph „Emerging resilience” and the author of numerous scientific and artistic works and publications. She has won numerous international awards and recognitions.

For the object "Chalet Jelovac" she is winner for the award Architecture MasterPrize – Winner, in category Architectural Design – Residential Architecture and award  German Design Award Winner 2020 in category Architecture – Excellent Architecture (2020), a special recognition at the conference S.ARCH in Hong Kong (2017 ), Recognition in the category “Guest of the Salon” at the Salon of Architecture in Belgrade (2020), etc. She is the co-founder of the Women's Architectural Society "ŽAD" in Belgrade.


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