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Red.prof.art. Ljubomir Miščević, B.Sc. in permanent selection, is one of the leading experts, designers, researchers, consultants and lecturers in the field of environmental protection and improvement, spatial planning, urbanism and construction, especially in the most advanced energy efficient new construction and renovation and innovation projects in Croatia and the EU. He is a certified architect, a certified urban architect (HKA) and is authorized to work on immovable cultural architectural heritage (Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia).

He has been teaching the course Energy and Ecological Architecture for eighteen years, and for the past ten years he has been teaching the courses Sustainable Architecture and High-Tech Architecture at the graduate and doctoral studies of the University of Zagreb and Ljubljana (High-Tech Architecture) and the course City Security at the University of Zagreb.

In his many years of professional practice, he is the author of numerous realized projects of the most advanced energy-efficient and sustainable construction. He is the author of the first projects and achievements of energy rational, passive solar (bioclimatic) architecture from the early eighties in Croatia and the region and modern, energy and emission almost zero and most advanced - energy standard of passive house ("A +"), plus energy and self-sustainable. He has won numerous awards in urban-architectural competitions. He is the president and a member of numerous competition juries.

Continuously for many years participates in the commissions for drafting strategies, laws and bylaws (regulations and studies) at the Ministry of Physical Planning and Construction and the Ministry of Economy. He is a member of the commissions for drafting the Ordinance on energy efficiency, for drafting the concept of Sustainable Construction Studies and launching a study program (TVZ), etc., member of the Energy Council of Zagreb, etc. He is the president of the Croatian section in the World Solar Energy Association (ISES).

He is the invited leader of the first EU projects for the Republic of Croatia carried out at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb and a partner in EU projects of other institutions and faculties (Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, etc.). He has published more than two hundred professional and scientific papers, and continuously participates in domestic and international conferences in the field of spatial planning, urbanism, architecture, environmental protection and improvement, safety and threat management, critical infrastructure, high-tech architecture, circular economy, climate adaptation. change, innovation and virtual space research.

He is the founder and leader of numerous sections, committees and associations. He is an editor and a member of the editorial board of numerous domestic and international professional journals. He is the founder and head of the Committee for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Architecture in the Croatian Chamber of Architects (HKA) and the Croatia Passive House Consortium. He is a reviewer in professional and scientific journals, scientific symposia with proceedings, books and studies in Croatia and abroad.

He has been the organizer, participant and moderator of numerous domestic and international professional and professional scientific seminars, workshops and conferences for many years.

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